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We are so glad you’ve joined us in your journey of empowerment toward your optimal health. Cannabis is a unique medication in that each person typically receives a customized treatment plan. In addition to a tailored approach, there is some need for learning and experimentation to ensure the right modalities are leveraged at the right times to achieve the right results.

We are all built so differently, and it’s important to realize that customization is critical in your medical treatment options.

We trust you’ll find the information in this resource center helpful. Please continue to leverage this page as your educational hub and resource of all things cannabis.

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Dr. Kelly King


Florida dispensaries, otherwise known as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC), are tasked with a vertical process in their sales of cannabis. This means they are responsible for growing, processing, manufacturing, and selling the medicine to Florida patients. The available strains, discounts, modalities (method of intake) and potency will vary by dispensary. We hope you find this information helpful along the way of your cannabis journey.



Cannabis is still a relatively ‘new’ medicine in our modern world. It’s advisable to learn as much as possible so that you experience the greatest success as a cannabis patient. We have rounded up some of our personal favorites and what we consider to be the the best available resources. We trust you will find the information here valuable and relative to your journey of wellness.



The MMUR or Medical Marijuana Use Registry is the backbone of the Florida medical cannabis program. Through their platform, you can access your state application, view your recommendation (orders), and see your historical purchases. Your password, and subsequently access to the state registry is provided on the day of your initial doctor’s appointment.

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Dr. Kelly Ennix King is a licensed medical cannabis physician in Florida and California.

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